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Mar 28, 2011

Information History and Efficacy of Chicken Cemani

Posted by Rino Widjaya
History and Benefits Cemani Chicken, Chicken Chickens Cemani an Indonesian native, the which is the origin of history comes from the island Jawa.Kata cemani derived from an ancient Javanese language, the which means jet black, black is covering the whole body of the local chicken is starting from the comb, Wattle, beak, eye ball cavity of the mouth, tongue, woodpeckers, feather, wing, armpit, anus, siih, legs, and claws.
It is said that this cemani chicken have black color is perfect with the overall percentage of 100% of its black color, even through bone and flesh color of blood is all black, black and covering the whole body from the outside, Until the part in. his / her innards, starting from the throat, oral cavity, tongue, its all hitam.Melihat of criteria and characteristics it is Called and the claims as: "Chicken Cemani Original" or Often Called by his nickname (Hayam Hideung) said the Sundanese .
His first origin of this chicken is chicken kedu cemani black, the which many people maintained by antiquity in Kahuripan Kedu village at the time of the 19th century Majapahit Kingdom.This is a very special chicken chicken at his age, so the chicken is very in love and changed from pets or collection of gegeden, kings of yore age ,........... That's what makes this chicken to be very exclusive, have a sale value of the which is fantastic and very Valuable Because of its course before considering this chicken collected many descendants of kings and nobles.
Chicken Chicken Cemani derived from descendants of black kedu, the which has a purity of this selection with black color characteristic of single-toothed comb (male). Who knows how many Generations of selection was conducted in order to population and sustainability nya.Namun most concern to the present populasinnya diminishing Chicken Populations and shrinking compared Cemani 100 years ago, remember this cock hard for the breeding to breed, to the regeneration of the child and its derivatives, ...
This is what makes this Cemani Chicken has changed from increasingly rare, and Difficult to get, so the chicken is a lot of hunting and in search of people, Until only recently WHO A Few people have it, ...

Why Chicken Cemani Many Hunted and Wanted Persons ,......??? For the Purpose and Need Is this Cemani ,...??? Chicken1. As a bearer Hockey 

Judging from the features and the uniqueness of these Chickens, Some Criteria That Are not Owned by another chicken, so chicken Cemani has value and class of its own, with a level very special, Because Besides as pets or for personal collection, supposedly said by raising Chickens Hockey cans be a carrier for the owner, and cans Also bring a lot of luck for those WHO have it, this is the one to admit testimony That has now changed from a successful Property Entrepreneur of the top in Singapore, the which maintains the chicken .
"Thank God, after We maintain Chicken Cemani, every time We Participate in bidding always wins the tender and Went well, Until We get Could Some major projects and expand into other areas of its business with Asset penigkatan many times. But all of it except for Hockey, effort and hard work, Also thanks to the help and permission Benediction and blessing of Allah SWT. And once we're just an ordinary construction foreman WHO menagani wholesale building small projects ,........ But landless class after maintaining Chicken Cemani We Got That many changes, and bring in a lot of luck is not unexpected, ,..... .. Thank God Blessed us feel very thankful to God "

Terms umbal 2.Untuk Ritual Supplies / ruwat Ghaib 

Chicken Cemani much needed and sought people to the requirements of Sacrificial ritual needs / ruwat supernatural Such as: digging treasure Trove of ritual (offering khodam) treatment, ruwat factory buildings, malls, plazas, hotels, shop, shops, offices, homes, etc ., to ruwat penglaris trade in the cafeteria, shops, kiosks, markets, etc .. to Rituals / ruwat development of major projects Such as: construction of bridges, dams, tunnels, mining exploration, construction of toll roads, terminals, airports, ports and other major projects related to his Nature. Besides the regular Chicken Cemani Also be Used to ruwat thanksgiving earth, sea, mountains / craters, Bathing ruwat heirloom, as well as waste ruwat pesky, Difficult spouse, Teaser for a person of the Opposite Sex, ...In the implementation of Chicken Cemani made for Sacrificial or sajen / dish, and then carried on a special ritual of chicken bathed with 7 flower form, in particular jampi2 read mantra2 or by (Oran smart) and then slaughtered for collection of blood and flesh, then in suguhkan / dedicated as casualties of supernatural Beings or her term to ward off evil spirits as a requirement for every building project runs smoothly and to Avoid a catastrophe and other distress ,..... tumbal as an antidote to the disorder being fine, like trance and other witchcraft ,....

Ki Joko Bodo According to a famous paranormal from Jakarta says: 

"Chicken has a value Cemani Mystical and Magical Power is very strong, Than other as a bearer of Hockey as well as a requirement tumbal or sajen, Because meat, bones, and his blood is black Owned, well-liked as a favorite food pavorite jinn, demons, and his countrymen dedemit In ancient times ,...... Chicken Cemani Often used by the King, Jawara, experts sajen tirakat as a condition for mastery of specific knowledge in order to Achieve science-nya.Tapi supernatural powers of his cock now hard to find Mas, .... It May be said Chicken Chicken Cemani is most expensive in the world, even myself Also I once sold a pair of Rp500juta, to one of our Patients from Singapore, to pet collection as pambawa Hockey "

3. How many Chickens Cemani ,......??? Sale Price 

Seeing less and less and his cock is increasingly rare, and very hard to find to get it, Because Until recently only WHO A Few people have it, ... It Gives Some of Them (the owners) do not Want To sell it, especially the chicken is more and more sought after and it takes a lot of people as a condition / requirement for purposes of intent / special interests, then the Chicken Cemani have exorbitant price, really fantastic, with bervariatip selling prices, Some selling at 50,000,000, - per head Until Rp250.000.000, - per head, depending sipemilik Want To release these prices ,....
But whatever high price, still many people Who Are Interested and Able to dare to buy it, Because is proportional to its efficacy and usefulness, especially for people WHO really need it, like the people WHO currently have the intent / interest specific, Such as treasure hunters, antique barang2 kollektor, benda2 arts & heritage, paranormal, businessmen, Officials, etc. .. Regardless of the price Offered ,........?? They still dare to buy ,....... yes, his name Also chicken Hockey carrier.

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