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Mar 31, 2011

Download Google Mobile for Blackberry Application

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By using Google Mobile you will easily connect and use the services provided for free from your Blackberry.
Google applications that can be accessed from the Blackberry for free, among others:
  • Google Search (Search Engine) to find various info through Google Search Engine
  • Google Map (Google Map) to view the location map and directions
  • Gmail - Google's free email service
  • Google Sync - to synchronize calendar and contacts list on your Blackberry
  • Latitude - application to locate your friends are
Plus other applications from Google such as Google SMS, Google Docs, Blogger, Google Reader, iGoogle and others.

Download Google Mobile for Blackberry here
 After that went on to read the article on this one Application For Accessing the Blackberry WordPress Blog
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Application For Accessing the Blackberry WordPress Blog

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Apparently WordPress does not want to miss spoil the blogger Wordpress engine users are at the same time provide Blackberry users with special applications to perform updates and settings through the gadget blog powered by WordPress Blackberry.

To update your blog using the Blackberry is quite reasonable considering the RIM as a manufacturer of very concerned about the comfort in using the keypad QWRTY.

WordPress is a direct application can be installed on your Blackberry and then we just do the setup hosting, applies to blogs using a free wordpress domain or wordpess installed on the domain and paid hosting. The setup process is fairly easy because we only need to enter the blog URL, username and password.

After the setup process is complete, the application can be directly used to make new posts, can also upload images and manage incoming comments moderation. This means you can easily run blogging activities wherever you are.

Interested in using this free application please download here

Never tired and exhausted to read and try, continue reading this article Radio Free Blackberry Slot - MP3 Store 1000 songs on your Blackberry

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Radio Free Blackberry Slot - MP3 Store 1000 songs on your Blackberry

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As one of the vendors Sansa mp3 player quite a name among fans of music and mp3 players, especially the products they launch by name slot Radio, a microSD that contains as many as 1000 songs various genres of music such as Billboard Hits, Rock, Country, Hip Hop, 80's, 90's and more, and only sold for 4 dollars.

Well, for users of BlackBerry, Sansa has recently launched the application Free Blackberry slotRadio slotRadio to run the card in your Blackberry mobile phone. Moreover, with the presence slotRadio latest card with 4GB free additional memory, will provide the freedom for users to accommodate as many mp3 files as well as play them on the Blackberry.

Please download application blackberry Radio Slot free here.

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Multi Instant Messaging Blackberry Freeware App

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Trilian is a free multi-chat application or a multi-IM for Blackberry. In addition to free, using Trilian can be directly connected to almost all Instant Messenger network that is widely used today, including Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Facebook Chat, AIM, ICQ, and Google Talk. Unfortunately this application has not been put Skype into it.

Trilian operate in the background so it will not interfere with your activities using a Blackberry. If and receive incoming messages, there will be notification in the form of sound, buzz, appear on-screen icon or color change LED light. This notification can be set according to taste.

There are many interesting features provided by Trilian and one of the most useful is a feature that can sync mengsinkronisasi your IM accounts in several different devices if you are using not just one Blackberry. Also Trilian also available in the desktop version that can diistall on your computer (Windows and Mac) and also available in web-based version.

Interested in trying?
Please download here

After you read the article above do not forget to stop by and read the article on this one How To Install Keys Like Box In Blogger
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How To Install Keys Like Box In Blogger

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Now I will explain how to make or install like facebook button on Blogger. The way is simple and easy to understand, you just click here.

Click Like Box and design your own preferences,

After Keys Like Box up you're done, now click the Get the Code, as shown below


Then the next screen will look like the image below and follow the steps I've marked on the image.

  • After that login to Blogger.
  • Click Design
  • Click Page Elements
  • Add a Gedget
  • Choose HTML / JavaScript
  • Then enter the code into it,
  • Save Template
  • Done.
When finished reading the article above continue reading this article that one like how to install the facebook button in wordpress.


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like how to install the facebook button in wordpress.

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Plugin Like Button up a plugin for social networking. Where Like this Button will share content web content to your facebook friends. We can share our blog or website content to visitors who have clicked on facebookLike Button so that it can add a back link to your blog or website.

Here I explain How to Put Like Button up in Wordpress such as the Infotama this blog:

Like Button To get this widget click here. For installation please fill in the form Like Button like on the picture and change the blog url into your blog url name and then click on GED code to get the source code that will be installed on your wordpress widget.

After that copy the code like facebook button on your wordpress widget in the screenshot below.


Okay done already like how to install wordpress button on facebook. Hopefully these tips can be useful.
Be sure to read this one
How to Quickly and Easily Increase Traffic / Visitors Blog With EasyHits4U


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