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Mar 30, 2011

HP Setting CDMA Fren ZTE C300 for Internet

Posted by Rino Widjaya
 For those of you who have high financial capability, would you prefer to buy a CDMA modem instead of using the CDMA phone as a modem. But for those of you who want to save more money, you can use HP ZTE C300 as a modem.

HP Fren ZTE C300 is worth 198rb in a few months ago was good to be used to using the Internet! Now this may have nothing new, but you can get the 2nd for $ 125 thousands.

I've tried it and wear it almost 4 months and till now no problem in terms of connections and connection is very stable and the heat of normal HP.

For problems speed Internet access, depends on:
  1. Cards that use CDMA (incidentally now that I feel most quickly is StarOne, but flexi now is also pretty fast and he also wanted to upgrade its CDMA speeds up to 234 kbps)
  2. Area where you live, if you are in an area close to the BTS providers (Telkom, Indosat, etc.) and you go in the coverage of its 3G CDMA-speed internet access providers then you will quickly CDMA. But even if your signal is full but outside the reach of its CDMA 3G you, then your internet speed will be slow. (I suppose: I surf with ZTE C300 using Starone number Cambodia Kendal Semarang area is slower than when I use the Tembalang Semarang, although the signal is full.

Create your curious, here's how:
  1. Download the driver first! here
  2. Turn off your cell phone to install drivers to make it more smoothly.
  3. Plug your phone to your PC using a USB mini cable kalo ga could have bought for 10 thousand max. Usually the mini usb is often in use for digital cameras or camcorders or cardreader etc. Once plugged in it will exit the wizard. We are sorry for the driver install guide can be downloaded here
  4. Then after install it! pull back your cell phone! Then turn on your HP and HP lock mode should be deactivated. "Then the press-press the power button on the keypad 3-4 times (not to death). It is used to activate the modem to be ready to use. "
  5. After that plug it in again and see in device manager does something wrong ato dah tuh not install the driver! and usually appears safely removable devices such as we use USB.

Next is the dial up settings on your computer:    

To guide you can download it here 

Then after you set the dial upnya, you just try to double click the shortcut on the desktop computer.

If you experience a connection failure, you must do the following:
  1. Unplug the HP ZTE C300 from your computer.   
  2. "Then the press-press the power button on the keypad 3-4 times (not to death). It is used to activate the modem to be ready to use. "
  3. Then plug your phone again to exit safely removable device icon.
  4. Connect Try again.

username =
password =
no. Dial = #777

username =
password =
no. Dial = #777

Enough of this also read Download Free AntiVirus Latest Ansav


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