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Mar 28, 2011

The city of Bukittinggi

Posted by Rino Widjaya

The city of Bukittinggi is one of the city in the province of West Sumatra, Indonesia.
The city was formerly called Fort de Kock and was once also dubbed as Parisj van Sumatra in addition to the city of Medan, and the town of Bukittinggi was also the capital city of Indonesia.
The city is the hometown of one of the Bung Hatta proclaimed Indonesia, also known as the city of heritage with the Clock Tower, a landmark in the heart of height, shaped like a big clock Big Ben, as well as a symbol for the city which is also located on the edge of a valley named Canyon Sianok.
In addition, the city of Bukittinggi is also famous as a tourist city cool temperate, and siblings (sister city) with the Seremban Negeri Sembilan in Malaysia.


Bukittinggi city began to stand in line with the arrival of the Dutch who later founded the fort in 1825 during the Padri War in one of the hill contained in this town, known as the fortress Fort de Kock, as well as a resting place for officers who are in the Dutch colony . Later in the reign of the Dutch East Indies, this area always increased role in state administration which later developed into a Stadsgemeente (city), and also served as the capital Afdeeling Padangsche Bovenlanden and Onderafdeeling Oud Agam.During the Japanese occupation, the city of Bukittinggi serve as the central control of its military government for the Sumatra region, even to Singapore and Thailand, where the city became the seat of the military commander to 25 Kenpeitai, under the command of Major General Hirano Toyoji. Then the town changed its name from Fort de Kock Stadsgemeente be Bukittinggi The Yaku Sho, whose land extended to include village-like surrounding villages Sianok Anam Tribe, Gadut, Kapau, Ampang Tower, Bukit Batu Taba and Batabuah. Now the village-the village into the Agam regency.After the independence of Indonesia, Bukittinggi defined as the area of ​​city government based on the assessment of Sumatra Province Governor No. 391 dated June 9, 1947, but it's that time Sumatra's provincial capital, with its governor Mr. Teuku Muhammad Hasan.At times defend the independence of Indonesia, the City Bukitinggi role as the city struggles, where on 19 December 1948, the city is designated as the capital city of Indonesia after the Yogyakarta fall into the hands of the Dutch or known by the Emergency Government of the Republic of Indonesia (PDRI). Later on, the event was designated a State-Defense Day, according to the Republic of Indonesia Presidential Decree No. 28 of 2006 dated December 18, 2006.Next Great City of Bukittinggi be based on the Law No. 9 Year 1956 on the establishment of an autonomous region within the major cities of the province of Central Sumatra that period, which includes the province of West Sumatra, Jambi, Riau and Riau Islands now.Although after the issuance of Government Regulation No. 84 of 1999 as a new legal basis of regional government in the implementation of Bukittinggi, but until now still can not be implemented.


Development of tourism is one of the leading sectors for the town of Bukittinggi, the many exciting attractions, making this city is also dubbed as the "city tour". Currently in the town of Bukittinggi has been there about 60 hotels and 15 travel agencies. The hotels are located in the town of Bukittinggi, among others, The Hills (formerly Novotel), hotels Pusako and so forth.Valley Sianok canyon is one of the main tourist attraction. Panorama Park located in the town of Bukittinggi allows tourists to see the beautiful scenery Sianok canyon. Panorama Park In the cave there is also a former Japanese soldier hiding during World War II, the so-called Japanese Hole Bukittinggi.In the Garden there Kanduang Bundo Tower replica house that serves as a museum of Minangkabau culture, Bukittinggi Zoo and fortress Fort de Kock is connected by a pedestrian bridge called the Bridge Limpapeh. Limpapeh pedestrian bridge above the road A. Yani which is the main street in the town of Bukittinggi.Market ateh (pasas above) are adjacent to the Clock Tower which is the center of the city. In the market there are many sellers ateh handicrafts and embroidery as well as snacks souvenirs typical of West Sumatra as Karupuak Sanjai (cassava chips ala Sanjai in Bukittinggi area) is made from cassava, Karupuak Jangek made from cow or buffalo leather and Karak Kaliang , a kind of typical Bukittinggi snacks shaped like a figure 8. Currently, he also has built several modern shopping centers in the city of Bukittinggi.

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